"Contextualizing Context - Explorations in Invertive Anthropology"

Finn Sivert Nielsen, Spring 2002


This page will gradually be increased with new links. If you yourself find something interesting on the net, which you feel should be listed here, please send it to me, at: finn.sivert.nielsen@anthro.ku.dk.

1. Non-anthropological sites on the net that focus on "context"

Art in Context
The Context Institute
Context Magazine
Context: Electronic Publishers
Context - A Forum for Literary Arts and Culture
America Strikes Back - in Context
Context, a leading e-business solutions integrator

2. Anthropological and philosophical sites

Context - Context-based research group
The Cultural Context of Ageing homepage
Rethinking Context (book)
Semiotics: Culture in Context
Anthropological use of context aware field computing
Rationale and Romance in the Anthropology of Cyberspace

3. Philosophy and context

The Context network

4. Gestalt Theory

The International Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications

More will be coming....