Using the Internet, creating a net presence


Some examples of resources for anthropologists on the Internet
Search engines
Using the Internet in teaching and research
Creating a good website and a net presence for yourself and your project


Some examples of resources for anthropologists on the Internet

How often do you use the net for something each working day? (excluding email)

What do you use the net for?

.... Cannot cover everything, but will give some examples .... :

----> Getting oriented:

Brian Schwimmer's article (1996)

Many dead links => things change fast
Many live links => still continuity

=> When you establish yourself on the net, think through what you name your site and your files - it is stupid to have to change them. Respond to dead link queries promptly and thankfully!

=> Dead links common on the net => bookmark link collections that are kept up and checked:

....Some examples:

Sosig (Constantly updated)

> Ethnology, Ethnography, Anthropology
> Materials and Methods of Anthropology
> Anthropology, its Scope and its Relations to other Sciences


A Guide to Internet Resources in Anthropology
... not everything works - the table of contents )-:

> Guides to Internet Resources on Anthropology
= (Dedicated anthropological search engine.)

----> Some text collections and reference works:

How to quote texts from the net: 
Chicago Manual of Style

Journals etc. - Jan covered this

Bibliographical reference 
Anthropology Review Database (limitations)

Library catalogue for reference work 
IA homepage > Ressourser > Bibliotek > Copac

Non-professional, very large reference work 
[Note download time: use of table!]
Anthropological biographies 

Semi-professional reference work in progress 
Online anthropological dictionary (AnthroBase)

Professional reference work 
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Text and resource collections - Ex. History of anthropology 
History of anthropology homepage

> Resources in the history of anthropology
> Specific Branches and Trends
> Medical anthropology 
> Dennis Wiedman: Major Publications in Medical Anthropology


> Great Britain
> Phyllis M. Kaberry: Women of the Grassfields (1952)

Text collections - Ex. AnthroBase

Browse > Theme > A > Applied anthropology => get reference / Wedel's text

Search > "mafia"

The point not merely to find texts, but to use links as resources, e.g. in teaching

E.g. - Course homepage: "Postcommunism": 
- Bad initial file name (but better not to change)
- Risky use of capitalization in file and folder names
+ Uses AnthroBase regional listing East Europe
- Wrong link!!
+ Uses maps and timelines
+ Supplemental reading (may be continuously updated)

Text collections - Ex. Marxist writers 
Select Author: > Marx archive

Search Engines

This is the main way people get around on the net, so:

Some specialized search engines:

For general search: Google

For bookmarking: PowerMarks

Using the Internet in teaching and research

We have already to some extent touched on research.
In addition, mention Newsgroups example:

In teaching (and publication):

On IA's homepage: 
Ressourcer > Ressourcer for undervisere > Ressources and ideas for using IT in teaching

Publish own texts online:

Simple course page: 

Complex course page: 

Groupcare from this homepage
Reading list with links
How to make a homepage - mini course

Creating a good website and a net presence for yourself and your project