Power, Conflict and Morality in the Postsocialist World
Course held by the East / Central Europe Research Group
Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen
Coordinator - Finn Sivert Nielsen
Purchasing course literature
The course literature consists of:
  • One monograph: Verdery, Katherine. 1999. The Political Lives of Dead Bodies: Reburial and Postsocialist Change. New York: Columbia University Press. The book has been ordered to the Atheneum bookstore (Nørregade 6, 1165 Copenhagen K), where it will be available by mid-August. Price: ____ DKK.
  • A number of articles: These will be available as master copies in the reception at the Institute from mid-July, and may be copied on the Institute's copy machines or "in town". NB! Students are recommended to start copying articles as early as possible - and to cooperate when copying: When several students copy their articles at the same time, considerable time may be saved!