Human - Object - Tool
Toward an anthropology of technology

Finn Sivert Nielsen

Course paper

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In order to receive credit for the course, students must write a course paper, which will be marked as "passed / not passed" by the teacher. The paper may discuss any subject related to the course. You are free to refer to literature outside the course curriculum, but the paper must also make substantial use of at least 3-4 texts on the curriculum. You may want to use your student presentation as a point of departure when writing your paper. This is fully acceptible, but the paper must expand substantially on the discussion in the student presentation.

In addition, please note the following:

- Grading: Danish students will be marked as "passed / not passed". Foreign students may need a grade on their paper. In order to receive this, you must write clearly on the first page of the paper that you need a grade.

- Deadline: The paper must be sent to me as an email attachment (click here for contact details) no later than October 20, 2007. If it's impossible for you to meet this deadline, please contact me and I will see if I can make an exception. Please note: Since I will not be in Denmark when papers are turned in, you must send your paper via email!! Feedback and grades on the papers will be sent to you no later than November 10.

- Paper length: Danish BA students: 15.000 characters; Danish MA students: 5 pages; Foreign students should consult with the international coordinator and their home university.

- Grade form / 'forside': A grade form (available at the department secretariat) must be filled in and delivered to me on the last day of the course (October 4).