The Fourth Nordic Conference on the Anthropology of Post-Socialism

Anthropological Perspectives on
New Social and Cultural Divisions in East / Central Europe

Copenhagen, Denmark, April 20-22 2002

The Conference has moved !

Dear participants, convenors and lecturers at The Fourth Nordic Conference on the Anthropology of Post-Communism!

As you may have noticed, there has recently been a political change in Denmark. As a result of this change, one of the main sponsors of our conference has informed us that their budget has been dramatically cut, and they cannot support the conference, as planned.

As a result, the conference is in a very difficult situation economically.

We have sent applications for funding to more than 60 firms and foundations, but have received very little additional support. The Danish government's budget cuts have affected many other people than us, and the competition for funding has gotten tough. In addition, private sponsors are hesitant about giving support these days, because of the international economic downturn after September 11.

In this difficult situation, the Institute of Anthropology has very kindly agreed to nearly treble its support for the conference, so it is now the second largest sponsor of the event. In addition, our largest sponsor -- the Danish Social Science Research Council -- has increased its support for the conference to the maximum amount they are permitted to give to an event of this kind

We are determined to carry on with the conference, however. But there will be some changes in our plans, which are detailed below.

Best wishes for a good conference!

The conference committee

Jeppe Linnet (masters student)
Katja Murray (masters student)
Finn Sivert Nielsen (associate professor)
Anne Sofie Pedersen (masters student)
Anders Sejerĝe (masters student)


1. The conference is being moved from Kalundborg to Copenhagen, where the Institute of Anthropology has offered to let us use its premises at no cost (the Institute has also increased its funding of the conference in order to help us out). The new conference address is therefore:

Institute of Anthropology, Frederiksholms kanal 4, DK-1220 Copenhagen K

2. Lodging will be arranged in the cheapest possible way. Lecturers will be supplied with hotel rooms. All other participants will be lodged either privately or in youth hostels in Copenhagen.

3. Food will still be paid by the conference. We will eat dinner at nice, but cheap, restaurants close to the Institute. Lunch and snacks will be served at the Institute. An evening bar will also be arranged at the Institute.

4. Participants from East / Central Europe will still have all their expenses (travel, food and lodging) covered by the conference.

5. Nordic participants will receive free food and lodging. Travel expenses wil be refunded AFTER THE CONFERENCE. Because of our strained budget, we cannot at present tell you how great a refund will be given, but we still hope to be able to refund all travel expenses exceeding 500 DKK. Please collect your ticket stubs and travel receipts and send them two us after the conference.

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