The Fourth Nordic Conference on the Anthropology of Post-Communism

"Anthropological Perspectives on New Social and Cultural Divisions in East / Central Europe"

Copenhagen, Danmark 20-22 april 2002

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Deadline: 15 March 2002



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Please indicate three alternative workshops where you would like to present your paper. Mark the three workshops in order of priority as 1, 2, and 3.

Order of priority    Workshop Title

April 20th

______ Workshop 1: Power and powerlessness after Communism - East European experiences
______ Workshop 2: Memory - a prism onto social and cultural change
______ Workshop 3: Networks and elites - practice, discourse, perspectives

April 21st

______ Workshop 4: Corruption and the transition
______ Workshop 5: Adaptation to the New Cultural Realities - the biographical method
______ Workshop 6: Media and NGOs

April 22nd

______ Workshop 7: Images of Europe - Post-Socialist or New European?
______ Workshop 8: Old and New Identities in the Post-Soviet Field - Ethnic, National and Religious Aspects

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