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Oslo Network for East-European and Post-Soviet Studies


News, June 2003

After several years with little activity in Oslo, an attempt is being made to revitalize the network.

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The informal Group of East-Europe/former Soviet States Studies from the anthropology department at the University of Oslo, Norway, started in 1991, and has since been an important source of constructive critique and inspiring discussions.

Anthropological interest in Eastern Europe/former Soviet States is still comparatively new at our department. The group consists of departmental staff, Ph.D-researchers and postgraduate students. Being people with interests spread all over this regional area (Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, the Baltic states, Russia, Albania, Romania, former DDR, Moldova, Azerbajdzan, Kirgiztan, and Tuva) our range of thematical and theoretical interests are just as broad. Anyway, as most of us have conducted fieldwork in the region after the collapse of the communist party rule, we are all, no matter what approach we adopt individually, dealing with processes of transformation, of changes and continuities in a "post-Soviet" environment.

Post-communist anthropology in Norway
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For further information about our activities and projects in Oslo, the group can be reached at the following address:

Group of East-Europe/former Soviet states Studies
c/o Associate Professor Elisabeth Lorange Frst
Department of Social Anthropology
P.O. box 1091 Blindern, N-0317 Oslo, Norway
Tel: 22858316, Fax: 22854502,