The Nordic and East / Central European Network
for Qualitative Social Research


Steering group meeting in Helsinki
October 17-18th 2003

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Where and when?

Time Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th, 2003
Place Department of Sociology, Research Unit
University of Helsinki
P.O. Box 35
Vironkatu 1, floor 5B
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
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Contact details

Phone +45-35323482 (F.S. Nielsen)
Fax +45-35323465 (att: F.S. Nielsen)

Contact details

Phone +358-9-191 24701 (A.-M. Salmi)
Fax +358-9-191 24750 (att: A.-M. Salmi)



Risto Alapuro (Helsinki, substitute member)
Vytis Ciubrinskas (Vilnius)
Elisabeth L'orange Fürst (Oslo)
Galina Lindquist (Stockholm)
Vintila Mihailescu (Bucharest)
Finn Sivert Nielsen (Copenhagen)
Oleg Patchenkov (St. Petersburg)
Anna-Maria Salmi (Helsinki)
Klavs Sedlenieks (Riga)


Important notices


Instructions on how to get to the meeting room

Meeting room

The meeting room is located at Anna-Maria Salmi's office, which is the Research Unit of the Sociology Department.

Address: Vironkatu 1, floor 5B

The building is situated in the corner of streets Vironkatu and Meritullinkatu (see map). Enter through an arch from street Vironkatu to an inner yard, then go to staircase B. Take the elevator from the first floor to floor 5B (don't take the stairs, since the doors will be closed). If the door to our office is closed, ring the bell. Some people have had difficulties in finding this place, but Anna-Maria will try to put some signs to guide you. If you don't find the place, please phone her at: