Journey to Points Beyond Utopia

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An introduction to the anthropology of postsocialism
Course plan
November 2

A lecture, offering:
(a) A general introduction to the postsocialist region and the transformation;
(b) A discussion of Theme 1 from the core curriculum: The legacy of socialism
Before the lecture: Students are expected to read the literature for Theme 1.
During the lecture: Students will form five groups, which will specialize on Themes 4a, 5a and 9-11 from the Supplementary themes list.

November 9
  A lecture, offering:
a) A discussion of Theme 2 from the core curriculum: Civil society and the state;
b) A discussion of Theme 3 from the core curriculum: Nationalism
November 16
  Student presentations based on group work with mini-WBL courses treating partly extended versions of Theme 4 (Collective memory, life stories) and Theme 5 (Generation) from the core curriculum. The mini-WBL courses will discuss the literature on these themes that is found on the core curriculum, and also a few selected titles from the fully extended versions of these themes (Theme 4a and Theme 5a). Students are expected to study the remaining literature on their fully extended themes independently in groups, and this literature may be included in their presentations as well.
November 23
  A lecture, offering:
A discussion of Theme 6 from the core curriculum: Gender
Student presentation based on Supplementary Theme 9: Gender and civil society. The presentation will be based on independent study of the literature in the group.
November 30
  Student presentations based on Supplementary Themes 10: Corruption, informal networks; and 11: Methodology and ethics. The presentations will be based on independent study of the literature in groups.
December 7
  A lecture, offering:
A discussion of Theme 7 (Exchange, informal economy) and Theme 8 (Property, privatization) from the core curriculum.
December 14
  The teacher will give a summary of the course content.
Each group of students will give summary of their work during the course, and an evaluation of the course format.