The Nordic and East / Central European Network
for Qualitative Social Research


Steering group meeting in Helsinki
March 13th 2003

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Instructions on how to get to the meeting room and the hotel / guest house New!


Where and when?

Time Thursday, March 13, 2003
13.30 - ca. 18.00
Place Department of Sociology, Research Unit
University of Helsinki
P.O. Box 35
Vironkatu 1, floor 5B
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
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See instructions on how to get there

Contact details

Phone +45-35323482 (F.S. Nielsen)
Fax +45-35323465 (att: F.S. Nielsen)

Contact details (13th - 16th March)

Phone +358-9-191 24701 (A.-M. Salmi)
Fax +358-9-191 24750 (att: A.-M. Salmi)



Elisabeth L'orange Fürst (Oslo)
Ekaterina Gerasimova (St. Petersburg - substitute)
Vintila Mihailescu (Bucharest)
Finn Sivert Nielsen (Copenhagen)
Oleg Patchenkov (St. Petersburg)
Morten Axel Pedersen (Copenhagen - substitute)
Anna-Maria Salmi (Helsinki)
Klavs Sedlenieks (Riga)
Kristina Sliavaite (Vilnius - substitute)
Anja Tamm (Stockholm - substitute)


Important notices

Participants at the steering group meeting who have not registered to participate in the workshop (March 14-16), and who are staying in Helsinki until Sunday are invited to participate in the workshop as observers. In order to do this, you must contact Anna-Maria Salmi ( before March 1.
For information on the workshop in Helsinki, March 14-16, see:

Instructions on how to get to the meeting room
and the hotel / guest house

Meeting room

The meeting takes place on Thursday March 13th at 13.30, and will last approximately until 18.00.
The meeting room is located at Anna-Maria Salmi's office, which is the Research Unit of the Sociology Department.

Address: Vironkatu 1, floor 5B

The building is situated in the corner of streets Vironkatu and Meritullinkatu (see map). Enter through an arch from street Vironkatu to an inner yard, then go to staircase B. Take the elevator from the first floor to floor 5B (don't take the stairs, since the doors will be closed). If the door to our office is closed, ring the bell. Some people have had difficulties in finding this place, but I will try to put some signs to guide you. If you don't find the place, please phone me:

After the meeting, we will eat dinner, at 19.00, in a nearby restaurant. Click here for details.

PLEASE NOTE that our meeting will be held at Vironkatu, but the bus to the workshop at Vuoranta on Friday leaves in front of the MAIN building of the Department of Sociology, which is situated at Unioninkatu 35!!


(for Oleg, Anja, Kristina, Klavs and Vintila)

During the workshop (Friday-Sunday) you will all stay in Vuoranta conference hotel (bus leaves on Friday at 11 in front of Unioninkatu 35). 

The night between Thursday and Friday looks like the following:

How to get there: The Guest House is situated in the same building as where our meeting is being held (but the staircase is different).

Address: Vironkatu 1

The personnel at the guesthouse work from 8 AM to 4 PM, so if you arrive later than that, there's no one there. However, there is a door code which will let you in:


Please write this code down. With this code you can open the gate to the building (the gate is closed between 8 PM and 8 AM) as well as the main door to the guest house (closed all the time).

When you come, enter through the arch. The door to the Guest Rooms is next to the left (don't enter to the inner yard, it's before that). If you come when the personnel is there, they will guide you. If you come later, there's a notice board with an envelope for you. There you will find the key to your room. You should keep the key with you through your whole visit. 

Breakfast is included at the guestrooms, as well as a sauna (for further details, please ask the personnel there).