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What do I translate?

English-to-Norwegian – Norwegian-to-English

Since I am fluent in both languages and have translated between them extensively and in many styles, I am able to take on a wide range of translation jobs.

Danish-to-English – Swedish-to-English

Danish and Swedish being close cognates to Norwegian, I translate from these languages nearly as fluently as from Norwegian. This is particularly true of Danish, since I have lived and worked in Denmark for 9 years. I do not translate to either Danish or Swedish.

Russian-to-Norwegian – Russian-to-English

I translate simple Russian texts without difficulty. More complex documents can also be done, but I may have to consult with a native speaker. I am a competent translator of narrative texts (click here to see an example).

German-to-Norwegian – German-to-English

I translate short German texts (e.g. quotes embedded in English texts). Longer texts without specialized vocabularies may also prove possible.


My translation fees follow the standards of NFF (The Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers' and Translators' Association). These at present (January 2018) amount to 205,12 NOK per 1000 characters (including punctuation and spaces) in the finished translation (for updated rates, click here). In cases where extraordinary research or short deadlines are involved, I will increase this charge somewhat, depending on the extra time and effort expended. The same goes for short, non-narrative texts, which demand unusually great accuracy (e.g. formal agreements, schedules, signs, questionnaires, advertisements, poetry).

To order a translation

To inquire about or order a translation job, send me an email describing the project briefly (length, theme, vocabulary, deadline), and I will get back to you shortly. Complex projects may involve more extensive consultations about terms and means before they are agreed on.