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Human – Object – Tool
Towards a theory of humans origins and technology
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I believe that the tool is the crucial innovation that makes us human, in as much as it supplies an interface between our body-minds and the world. This function is, I believe, of great importance for our understanding of fundamental issues in social science, such as language, power, exchange and sexuality. The pages below illustrate some of the directions in which I have been thinking.

The Tool: Texts and resources

2001 – Models of Social Complexity – What is theory?
Preliminary discussion of "the tool". A theory is a tool.

2002 – Human - Object - Tool.
Four theoretical approaches to the tool.

2007 – Human - Object - Tool: Toward an anthropology of technology.
Interdisciplinarity of science of tools. Additional theoretical approaches. (Lecture series.)

2015 – Redskapet mellom menneske og verden: En tverrfaglig utforskning av redskapsbegrepet.
A rough description of a research project on the tool.