Power, Conflict and Morality in the Postsocialist World
Course held by the East / Central Europe Research Group
Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen
Coordinator - Finn Sivert Nielsen
Materials, questions, ideas and further reading for each lecture  
Below, you will find links to various forms of materials that the various lecturerers at the course have compiled in connection with their lectures. The following types of materials will (at least in principle!) be found under each lecture:
  • Questions about the texts
  • Suggested themes for course papers
  • Suggestions for further reading

Materials for the following lectures have been published so far (click the links!):

Maja Hojer's lecture (Sept. 14)
Linas Svolkinas's lecture (Sept. 16)  
Ida Harboe Knudsen and Anders Sejerĝe's lectures (Sept. 21 and 23) 
Peter A. Albrect's lecture (Sept. 30) 
Katja Murray and Mimi Larsson's lecture (Oct. 5th and 7th)  
Lenka Skodova's lecture (Oct. 19th) 
Benedikte M. Kristensen's lecture (Oct. 21st)