Power, Conflict and Morality in the Postsocialist World
Course held by the East / Central Europe Research Group
Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen
Coordinator - Finn Sivert Nielsen
Important messages  
Date Message
Oct. 14 Questions and literature for Lenka Skodova's lecture on Oct. 19, have been posted to the homepage (see "Materials for the lectures", or click here).
Oct. 7 The article for Galina Lindquist's guest lecturer on Oct. 26 has arrived, and the master will be available in the reception tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 8).
Oct. 5 Party! - !! Change of time !!
As previously announced, we are arranging a party in "Kilden" - on Friday, Oct. 8.
     But due to circumstances we have no control over, the party will not start at 19.00 as previously announced, but at 22.00. Please come anyway! - And bring beer!
     We have invited members of the East / Central Europe Group as well, so this is an excellent opportunity to get to meet some interesting people, and to speak to them - and to each other - under informal conditions.
     In case you can't wait until 22.00, some of us will be meeting at "Søren's værtshus", right across the street, at about 19.30. So you can join us there...
Oct. 5 Extra lecture!
As announced at the course, I (Finn) will be holding an extra lecture about Verdery's monograph on Thursday, Oct. 7, at 15.15. The lecture will be in room 308.
Oct. 5 Course materials!
Relevant materials (questions, suggested themes for course papers, suggestions for further reading) are now being published regularly to the homepage. A link to the page containing this material is to be found on the front page course website, and you can also access it by clicking here.
Oct. 5 Course papers!
Instructions and deadlines for course papers have now been published. Access the link from the front page, or click here.
Oct. 5 The homepage is back in business!
After some time with hardly any activity on the homepage, I will now start updating it more regularly, and new information will be appearing quite often.