Finn Sivert Nielsen Anthropologist
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I am an anthropologist educated in Norway, in an academic milieu influenced by my countryman Fredrik Barth's practically oriented brand of social anthropology, but also by a great many other ideas that were current at the time. Throughout my career I have been inspired by a mix of practicality and eclecticism and have cultivated a broad range of interests within anthropology and neighboring fields. (Click the link to my CV above for further details.)

Paralleling my anthropological interest has been a long-term engagement with Russian language, culture and society. In the 1970-80's, I was exposed to conditions in the Soviet Union; later, I expanded into the broader field of postsocialist studies. I have played a key role in several significant academic initiatives in this field, among them the Nordic and East / Central European Network for Qualitative Social Research (NECEN).

I have a BA-level degree in history and continue to cultivate historical interests, particularly in European, Norwegian and Russian history. I also have an enduring interest in other historically oriented disciplines, including linguistics, archaeology, paleontology, evolutionary biology, and geology.