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The East / Central Europe Group sends information about various events etc. to its members. To get the information, you must become a member.

Membership is open to anthropologists and students of anthropology who have done fieldwork in East / Central Europe, or who are planning to do fieldwork there. If you do not belong to one of these two categories, but are still interested in becoming a member of the group, please send an email to:, explaining why you want to become a member.

To become a member, click here, and follow the instructions. If you experience problems, contact me at the above address!

Members receive invitations to meetings, information about seminars, conferences and other events, tips about literature and general correspondence about the group. Members also have access to our members page (, where information of various kinds is posted. To access the members' page, you must type your user name (your email address) and your password.

To send email messages to the entire group, use the following email address:

NB! Within the "Groupcare" system, which we use for our member page, there is a difference between ordinary users and so-called VIP users. Ordinary users have restricted access to the group pages, while VIP users have unlimited access. It is highly recommended that you become a VIP user. This costs only 50 DKK per half year, and can be payed via credit card or "Dankort" at the Groupcare site. We apply every year for money from the Institute of Anthropology for money to cover these expenses collectively, but this money is mainly meant for students at the Institute. Others should pay this (small!) fee themselves. If you pay along with at least four other people, the fee is reduced to 30 DKK.