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What kinds of editing do I do?

Copy editing

As a copy editor, I will go through your text, checking for errors in spelling, grammar and syntax, making sure your meaning comes through clearly, and that the style you write in is consistent with the issues you address and your readership. I will not change the meaning of your text. In case the meaning is unclear, I will either present you with alternative interpretations that you may choose from or consult you for clarification. I can copy edit most texts in English or Norwegian.

Clean up your English or Norwegian

If you are a non-native writing in English or Norwegian, chances are that you will make mistakes. Sometimes these may be trivial, other times they may seem confusing or comical to a native reader or they may distort the meaning you are attempting to convey. Regardless, incorrect language makes a bad impression. I can correct your Norwegian or English in formal letters, on web pages, on signs and in brochures, formal applications or articles, without changing your meaning (except under the circumstances described above, under Copy editing).

Structural editing

When performing a structural edit, I will typically read through your text and send you a report suggesting major or minor reorganizations in its structure: rearranging the sequence of your argument, moving paragraphs, using subtitles, clarifying terms, striking out shorter passages, etc. In structural editing, I engage more closely with the meaning of your text and may suggest changes that affect the substance of what you are saying, not merely how it is said.

Makeovers and long-term coaching

When doing a full makeover of a text, I may suggest major changes: rewriting or striking out longer passages, inserting arguments that are not in the original, correcting factual errors and errors of interpretation. I will also address language errors of all kinds. Obviously, I can only provide this service to its full potential if the text in question falls within one of my fields of expertise. The same goes for long-term textual coaching, where I agree to follow up your textual production at regular intervals for a specified period of time (e.g. 6 months). The idea behind long-term coaching is to teach you how to write better, so services of this kind will eventually be unnecessary.

Please note

I do not offer structural edits or makeovers of exam papers or dissertations that have not already been turned in and graded. I do offer long-term coaching (supervision) of dissertation work, if – and only if – this is agreed on in writing by the institution at which you study.


My fees for editing services are at present 450 NOK per hour's work, including time used on research, correspondence, phone consultations, report writing, as well as on the actual editing of the text. Special student prices may be agreed on.

To order an editing job

To order an editing job, send me an email describing the text you need to have edited (theme, length, deadline) and the kind of editing work you want to have done. I will answer your email as soon as possible and may ask to see the text in question before agreeing to edit it. In the case of makeovers or long-term coaching, it might be desirable to meet in person to discuss the proposed work in greater detail.